September 7, 2022

5 Reasons Why To Book An Engagement Shoot

Bryce Hall

Invites & Cards

Maybe you haven’t sent out your wedding day invites yet? Photos taken from your engagement shoot are PERFECT for this. Imagine how excited your guests are going to be when you send them these customised invites with you on them. Seriously, such a game changer! 

Once you post those photos up from your engagement shoot, your family & friends are going to be absolutely hyping you guys up! They’ll be even more excited for the big day. Taking engagement photos isn’t just for you. It’s also a great way to let everyone know that you’re pumped for your wedding and that you can’t wait for them to be involved!

Convey your love and excitement to everyone and get them excited to be part of your special day! Let’s get out there and really start living that exciting engaged life you always imagined! 

Building Confidence

Your wedding photos are such an incredible part of your day! If you’ve never gotten behind the camera before it can understandably be a little daunting! An engagement shoot is a great opportunity to meet your photographer prior to your wedding day. This way, on your wedding day you’ll feel extra confident to get behind the camera and feel amazing! 

Did you know, you can also pick a location of your own choice? We won’t ever tie you down to a specific spot you don’t want to be. We want you to feel comfortable, so let’s choose a place that really resonates with the two of you.  Whether that be a nice walk around the countryside or enjoying sitting in the sun at the beach! We’ll make it happen no matter what, we’ll just be stoked to meet you and spend time getting to know you!

We want you to have the most comfortable experience as possible! This is why we highly recommend engagement shoots as a practice run can always help you feel extra confident for the big day! 

Testing Hair & Makeup

If you’re having a trial for makeup, booking a shoot is the perfect opportunity to make the most of it! Your photographer will make sure to connect with them over social media and supply them with some of the photos too!

We often like to hold the majority of our engagement shoots on Sunday afternoons as generally we aren’t working at a wedding and usually our couples are mostly free too! This often works well with lots of makeup artists who we have worked with in the past too! However, if Sundays don’t work with you, we can always make it happen for you. We’ll always have time to change dates for couples who are invested in their day, it’s important for us to be part of this moment!

All that’s left to do now is to select yourself an outfit you love and choose an incredible location! We’ll do the rest, capturing all the genuine moments as they happen! 

Spending Quality Time with Your Partner

Planning a wedding isn’t easy! It takes a great deal of work and often you’re working longer hours in your job saving up for the big day! This can be hard because being engaged is such an exciting time in your life & it’s important to enjoy living in the moment!

Step outside and enjoy a breath of fresh air together and get back to the planning board feeling refreshed and excited again! Note: we’ll also let you in on some of our secrets to having an even better day!

If you have to travel to get to the shoot location this is also the perfect time to go out for dinner with your partner too. Just think, how often do you both get to dress up and look amazing, and I know for a FACT you could probably use a nice refreshing break from planning. Life gets in the way sometimes, but each other is the reason for all of this, so let’s get out there and make the most of living in then now!

Overall, We’ll Have The Best Time!

We’ll pick a really cool spot that you love and have a really fun time getting to know each other. We usually love going down to the beach or somewhere in nature and getting some easy-going happy snaps! If you have dogs PLEASE bring them, it’ll only make the experience 10x more enjoyable for everybody involved!

We always find that by the wedding day we always have a much stronger connection with couples we’ve done an engagement shoot with. This is as we’ve spent that additional time not only working with you, but really getting to know. We’ll know you and your partner as well as the ins and outs of your day. It’s really important to us to learn as much as possible when talking about your wedding day plans. Don’t hold back on us! Tell us all the details and all the ideas, we wanna know all the quirky and loved up moments that make your wedding truly yours! 

Bonus Tip

Have you ever heard of an engagement video? We have! And we would love to create one for you!! If you’re having photo & video for your wedding day, it might also be a great opportunity to find out what having a videographer is like! We’ll tag along and make sure you get the best looking Instagram reel of them all! This tip is truly for the thrill-seekers and crazily in love. 

We like to keep our engagement videos short and fun! Think of them as a teaser trailer for your big day and an exciting insight of what to expect! We’ll chop up all of the fun moments and ensure you’re having a great time!

We cannot wait to see some more of you very, very soon at your own personalised engagement shoot! If you’re interested in looking into an engagement shoot for yourself and your partner, we have more info in our pricing & info guide. Or alternatively, we’d be happy to chat over the phone to discuss your goals & dreams further!

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  1. Aimee says:

    I never had an engagement shoot because I didn’t think it was worth the investment at the time, and I wish my photographer had outlined the reasons like this. There are so many great reasons to do it. My favourites being to get comfortable in front of the camera/photographer so it’s less irksome on the big day, and having a great image to put on invites/cards/a wedding website. Such great ideas Bryce