September 30, 2022

5 Tips for an Unreal Video Experience

Bryce Hall

So you are looking at getting a videographer and are overwhelmed with no direction on where to actually start or what to look out for? That is totally fine! Within this post, I am going to run through some helpful tips and tricks to make sure you put your best foot forward when adding video coverage to your wedding. Because really, wedding films are AWESOME! They are able to capture & encapsulate extra emotion with the ability to pause, rewind, and press play to live through your wedding day all over again! 

Photographer & Videographer Dynamic

When it comes to capturing your special day, locking in a photo and video duo that can bounce off each other is a must. This is due to there being aspects while filming that slightly differ from what you would expect with photography. I’ll let you know now, that MOVEMENT is key!

Your traditional photos of standing and looking at the camera may look great in your wedding album but can be sooo boring in a wedding film. That is why videographers love getting you walking, laughing or even just naturally enjoying a moment! Nothing should be too posed!

Having that nice happy balance between the photographer & videographer “directing” your post-wedding shoot will definitely make a difference. Not only will your wedding film have more energy, but your album will also have those action shots frozen in time. To put it simply, all of your shots will look sick! So don’t be scared to take full advantage of having the cameras rolling on you, this is your day and you shouldn’t be scared to live it!

Break Away from a Traditional Ceremony

Having an awesome celebrant can definitely amp up your ceremony tenfold! Trust me when I say celebrants do a lot of work behind the scenes when planning your ceremony. They want to get to know you to make a ceremony that is ecstatic and memorable for everyone. After all, your ceremony doesn’t have to be boring! An awesome celebrant will engage your family and friends, drawing them into your love story. These personal touches go a long way when it comes to creating a charismatic wedding film.

Celebrants can really set the scene of your wedding film and paint a picture of YOU. Whether this is giving some back story to your wedding, or even retelling a couple of cheeky stories during your ceremony. Your wedding film will have extra depth and storytelling that reflects you as a couple.

We believe that connecting with your celebrant is a MUST. You will appreciate the extra mile they put into making your ceremony engaging and simply unforgettable. We highly recommend Sarah Chippindale as an outgoing celebrant that will simply rock your world! You will be able to sit back and relax knowing that your ceremony will be unlike no other!

Personally Written Vows

Your ceremony will be fully wired up! This may not seem obvious at first, but having vows straight from the heart is one of the best ways to take full advantage of a video team. Recording your vows is one of our main jobs and the most emotionaI part of your wedding day. Who wouldn’t want to watch that back?

Taking the extra time to really go over what you want to say is more important than you think. Even practice in the mirror! Emotions will be running high in the ceremony and it is more than ok to shed a tear or pause to have a quick giggle! These are the special moments that add raw emotions and that extra spark to your wedding film.

Doing a First Look?

Whether it is a first look with Dad or your soon to be Hubby, you will not regret it! Having a first look can be easily overlooked, but we definitely suggest allowing time before your ceremony. Not only will you get some UNREAL videos to rewatch, but you can really soak in the moment with your loved ones. This little bit of time is also a great way to calm any pre-ceremony nerves before everything gets real!

If you are planning a first look with your partner, this can also be an opportunity for some extra footage with the bridal party. If the groomsman and bridesmaids are all in the same spot pre-ceremony, let’s make the most of it! Getting those extra shots can save you some time on the bridal party photos after the ceremony. We can therefore focus more on YOU, and get you back to mingling with your guests faster.

Getting the right DJ

Woop Woop! Skip the Spotify playlist and get yourself a DJ that will keep the dancefloor going all night. We find that this is vital for the vibe and longevity of your reception as music is one of the key ingredients. There is a whole lot more to DJing than you may think!

Let’s begin your reception with the bridal party entry. Everyone wants a different song to enter? Easy, a solid DJ will work with you to make sure each and every entry is full of energy. These important moments are not meant to be stressful!

The next big aspect of the reception important to your video team is speeches. To capture perfect audio, I am able to plug directly into the microphone feed with the help of your trusty DJ. Speeches are so so so important when it comes to your wedding film. This is where all of the funny, sometimes embarrassing, stories are captured and documented ready to be relived. Speeches add another level of personality to your wedding film that can shape storytelling.

Now for the best part, the dance floor! You are supposed to be drawn in to dance and have a little boogie with family and friends. This attraction is because of your DJ! They are constantly reading the room and lining up the next bangers that they KNOW you will love. Your wedding film with thank you for the footage of all of your nearest and dearest busting a move on the killer dancefloor. The more shenanigans captured the better!

To make your life easier, we have 2 absolutely UNREAL industry friends who know how to keep the vibes high all night long. Sam from Silent Shout Entertainment and Matt from Newcastle & Lake Mac DJ’s will be sure to rock your reception!

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