January 28, 2023

5 Tips to Planning a Modern-Romantic Wedding

Bryce Hall

It’s official – you and your partner are engaged! Congratulations on entering this exciting new chapter of life together. With wedding planning comes lots of questions, decisions, and opinions… It can be overwhelming but also incredibly rewarding if done right. We’re here to help make that task a little easier with our top 5 tips to consider when organising a modern-romantic wedding. We hope that by providing you with some insight from experts in the industry, combined with our authentic advice from personal experience, your journey towards happily ever after will be made simple and stress-free. If you’re planning a wedding, you probably have a lot of questions. How do you make sure your wedding is modern and stylish? What are the must-have elements of a successful event? We’ve got you covered to help you plan a beautiful, contemporary wedding. Keep reading to learn more!

Create a mood board to help you outline your overall desire for the day!

Modern mood boards are an effective way to express your feelings, desires and ideas to capture a desired emotion. They come in all shapes and sizes, from printed boards to digital collages. Pinterest is always the perfect spot to start! We recommend just diving straight in and seeing what interests you! By gathering content related to your desired goal in one place, you can easily get a sense of the foundation and overall vibe you’re looking for. Modern mood boards are made up of different elements—tones, textures, images. Together these evoke an emotive response that will set the visual direction for what you aim to accomplish. Instead of conjuring up random ideas about how you’d like your day to look, use your mood board to inform decisions throughout the process and keep yourself motivated! Mood-boards are also highly appreciated by vendors as it gives them a sense of direction on how to bring your ideas to life!

Consider hiring an expert stylist to help give their creative insight

Florals and styling can create a huge impact on your special day, from fresh bouquets to petal-strewn runners. To make the most of this, consider hiring an expert floral and event stylist to help you execute on your visions. Floral buffs will be able to provide ideas that tap into the latest trends, with real florals having the power to create an emotive atmosphere – as well as bringing harmony through choosing a winning palette of petals, blooms and vases for your special day. Getting creative with florals is a sure-fire way to ensure you and your guests leave with some lasting memories of your event.

Some of our favourite local stylists include Little Tuesday Events & Vintage Peacock Events, they will create an

As for florists we LOVE, look no further than Lily & Mae or A Beautiful Occassion!

Florals & styling by Kurtzys Flowers

Choose a unique venue that reflects your personality as a couple

If you’re looking for modern and stylish venues that feel unique and reflect your personality, why not consider one with exposed brick walls. These venues can make the perfect backdrop for photos and celebrations, giving them a warm and homey feel that’s sure to set the right mood on your special day. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, these places are usually well-lit and spacious – so they’re practical too! With that kind of versatility you’ll be able to create a space that truly reflects you as a couple.

One of our all-time favourite venues with a gorgeous view is Shoal Bay Country Club. Their gorgeous function room has all of the elements to create a romantic and elegant space.

Think outside the box when it comes to your wedding dress – consider renting or wearing something non-traditional

Ditch the notion of wearing a traditional dress for your wedding, and try something more modern like couture or contacting one of the many incredible dress designers within the Newcastle area. Why not reconsider sporting a stylish suit to commemorate your special day? While you will always look incredible in a wedding dress, why not be brave enough to go against the grain and sport something unexpected. It’s 2023 now, let’s get create with some amazing new ideas, time to wow your guests! Let yourself stand out and pick something non-traditional that sets off your personal style; you won’t regret it.

Our favourite local dress designer is Luna Joy, but there are many incredible dress designers in NSW!

Dress pictured from Kel-Leigh Couture

Keep it authentic

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life! It is day all about the love that you and your partner share. Embrace this opportunity to be yourselves, completely! Tell your story through all the details – from what you wear, to the food you serve, to the music you play. Make sure that as a couple, you’re both comfortable with how things will look and feel on your special day. Don’t get overwhelmed by everyone else’s expectations; it’s easy to do, but remember it’s your wedding day! You don’t need to follow any particular rules unless they’re personally meaningful to you – so be creative and make these decisions together. Whether modern or classic, large or small – your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple.

There are so many aspects of your day to think about when planning a modern-romantic wedding. We hope that by following these five tips, you will be able to stay true to yourselves as a couple and have the best day possible! Let us know your favourite ideas for hosting a modern wedding – we would love to hear from you!

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