August 11, 2022

5 Tips to Planning the Best Beach Wedding!

Bryce Hall

So you’re planning your dream wedding. How exciting!! Go you, that’s super rad!

I get it, there are so many aspects of your wedding day to consider. What to wear, who to invite and where to hold your ceremony. It can be quite overwhelming as you’ve likely never organised an event of this size. Not to worry at all! I’m going to run you through some ideas to help you hold a wedding day that will wow your guests.

Chances are if you’re reading this, the idea of holding a ceremony with your nearest and dearest by the ocean has crossed your mind. However, maybe you’re not quite sure if you’re ready to commit to it yet. Let me tell you, holding a ceremony by the ocean will be one of the most unreal experiences of your life.

Choose vendors who LOVE you and their job! 

Let’s face it, it’s your wedding day and things will undoubtedly happen out of your control. This can be very daunting. If you book vendors who LOVE you and LOVE what they do you can count on them to come up with all the solutions for you on your wedding day. This will help you have a stress-free day no matter what!

Remember, while this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for you, vendors go to weddings every weekend and have seen almost everything! We have a plan for how to approach situations and how to get a more desirable outcome. Choose vendors who are obsessed with you and your day and you will never be disappointed as we tend to put in the work leading up to & on your special day.

Always have a wet weather plan

While holding a beach wedding is an exciting and unreal experience of a lifetime you NEED a plan B in case the weather doesn’t go your way. While this would be so annoying to happen to you on your wedding day and we hope this wouldn’t happen, you have to prepare for everything!

This is an essential part of your planning process as standing in the rain on your wedding day is not a vibe! There are a few approaches you can take in doing this to ensure your wedding day runs stress-free regardless of the weather. The first and best way to ensure you have an undercover area is to speak to your wedding reception venue, find out how large the space is and if it could be re-purposed into a ceremony location. They’ll likely be very happy to help you bring all of your design ideas to life!

Making an entrance!

You’ve gone and done it, you’ve just gotten hitched and had the wedding day of your dreams! As the sun sets over the water, now it’s time for the party to really begin! 

Upon arrival at your reception, consider how you’re entering the room to your guests. Just think, you’re finally married! You’ve been waiting so long for this day and it’s finally here, don’t waste a minute of it! Fill it with exciting memories. People are waiting for YOU to show up, so show up with style. Enter that room with confidence and get everyone on their feet cheering for YOU! When doing your wedding party entry, get your wedding party to hype you up and celebrate you. This can be done by dancing upon entry or doing a fun activity so that people are stoked to be back with you! Make sure you have someone there to announce your entry. You’d hate to walk into your wedding reception and people are caught off-guard. The anticipation is what will get everybody excited to see you and celebrate with you! Don’t underestimate the importance of a jaw-dropping wedding party entrance, it sets the expectations for a raging dance floor later on in the night! It’s now time to pull out your grooviest sunnies and get your dancing shoes on.  

Finessing Formalities

As for formalities, I’d highly recommend getting these done within the first half of your night. While formalities are an important part of your night, the part of your night you will remember most will be the enjoyable times you had surrounded by your closest friends (and your crazy Aunt Betty) as you sang your hearts out on the dance floor. To generate vibes like this you must book a DJ that knows how to get the party started and also someone who can capture those moments on the dance floor. 

Leave your event in STYLE! You’ve already captivated your audience with your godly dance moves and feel-good attitude. Don’t leave them hanging by wrapping up the night with a simple wave goodbye. Let them cheer you on as a couple into your exciting new future together! This can be done in several ways, such as creating a sparkler exit or hiring a fireworks specialist. No matter the exit to your night, let it be BRIGHT, colourful and let it leave a smile on your face. You want your guests leaving on a high knowing they’ve just experienced the most exciting wedding they’ve ever attended!

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