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6 Tips to Structure Your Timeline Perfectly!

Ordering Your Timeline with Ease We get it. There’s tonnes of events you want to include on your wedding day. You’re stressing yourself out trying to work out how they fit together and whether or not you’ll have enough time to do everything! Using this post I’m going to run you through a few short […]

5 Tips for an Unreal Video Experience

So you are looking at getting a videographer and are overwhelmed with no direction on where to actually start or what to look out for? That is totally fine! Within this post, I am going to run through some helpful tips and tricks to make sure you put your best foot forward when adding video […]

Why to Hire a Photo & Video Team

You’re in the process of going through all the vendors for your day. Choosing who you pick for photo & video is one of the biggest ticket items on that list. We’d highly recommend if you’re wanting to hire both a photographer and a videographer, that you get a team that works for you! Just […]