You've already locked in your wedding photography with me and I couldn't be more stoked, now it's time to take things to the next level!

Have you ever considered how incredible your treasured wedding photos would look inside a gorgeous fine art album?

Picture this; you've invited the family over for a catch-up at your house and while you're chatting you can pass around your wedding album with all of your beautifully designed photos. TRUST ME, you're going to want this for years and years to come, nothing beats seeing your wedding photos physically it's so surreal!!

Your perfect day deserves the perfect album.

let's Create a truly beautiful album

While capturing your wedding day is my passion, it is also very special to me when my couples order fine art albums as part of their package. These people have an eye for detail and love to appreciate moments forever! Below you'll find a video of me walking you through some of the design elements I like to include when creating albums!

to the party


Your dream day is just around the corner!

In the next section, you will find our main selection menu. From here you can decide what type of coverage you would like on your wedding day!

Pick between photo, and video or do a double shot of both! 

• Choose between a linen or leather album cover with engraving of your names included (leather cover option is $110 extra)

• Select the colour and embossing of your choice

• 15 spreads included (30 pages)

•  60 - 80 of your favourite images

• Choose between a linen or leather album cover with engraving of your names included (leather cover option is $110 extra)

• Select the colour and embossing of your choice

• 20 spreads included (40 pages)

• 80 - 100 of your favourite images

- Additional spreads available at +$60 each
- Select a maximum of 55 spreads in total


8 x 8” Fine Art Album

Perfect for the coffee table and for a quick sneak peak of all of your favourite shots

Perfect for sharing with the whole family, all of your favourite memories.

fine art ALBUMS

Our fine art albums are designed by our team at OWC and then are handcrafted by Atkins Lab in Adelaide Australia. Established in 1936, Atkins Lab is the oldest and most experienced photo printing lab in Australia. It is because of their incredible attention to detail and their eye for amazing quality that we have chosen Atkins as our exclusive album supplier. Ocean Way Collective has been a member of the Atkins Pro Lab community since 2022.

Simply add your must-have wedding images to a favourites list on your online gallery and I’ll get the ball rolling. If you’re not sure where to start or simply can’t decide, I’ll be more than happy to help you pull it altogether.

You’ll get up to 3 revisions to note any changes you’d like with my design, and we won’t send it off to print until you’re 100% happy with the layout. You’ll be flicking through this album for years down the track, reliving your special day all over again, so let’s make sure its perfect!

View your favourite moments the way they were supposed to be viewed

- Additional spreads available at +$60 each
- Select a maximum of 45 spreads in total

$925 $525

$1175 $775

"We were lucky enough to have Brenton and Bryce with us to capture our amazing day, I could not recommend these guys more, no matter what time or day they are always happy to help out and you definitely won’t be disappointed by their work.

We decided to purchase a photo album from these guys also and once again we were amazed, the quality was outstanding from start to finish this album made us feel like we were back redoing our whole wedding day. The photos/ layout was perfect. The best part is that it’s easy to put on show for everyone to be able to look at. If you are lucky enough to have these guys capture your magical day make sure that you grab one of these albums you won’t be disappointed."

Cait & Brodie


The Production process


livin' the dream


When it comes to album cover sizes, you could go for small and subtle with the 8x8 album, or a large statement album with the 10x10; all square-shaped of course! If you're looking for an album for intimate moments, an 8x8 might be about just right. But if you are going all out and want your album to make a lasting impression in all its glory, then the larger 10x10 album is the way to go. Whichever one you choose, one thing's certain: you can comfortably fit in your cherished photos!


Selecting an album cover can be daunting, with all the premium leather and linen options out there. But don't worry - you have plenty of classic shades to choose from, no matter which material you decide on. Whether you prefer the rustic beauty of premium leather or the timeless look of linen tones, you'll find plenty of options that will match your style and give your album a professional touch.

- Select an album size -

- Select an album cover -


Creating a favourites list in your wedding photo online gallery helps us to begin your album mock-up. When your album is complete, it will be easier for you to view and share your favourites with family and friends when they come to your house! We have the recommended numbers for how many favourites to choose on each album depending on the size of the album.


We know you want your album to look amazing, and we don't take that responsibility lightly! We're here to make sure the design looks exactly how you want it to. That's why we don't just go straight to printing; first, we create a mock-up for the design that will be sent off to a printer. This mock-up takes the time and energy to ensure the final product will be of the highest quality possible and is exactly what you envisioned.

- create a favourites list -

- we'll do the rest! -

Warm grey is such an underrated colour. It may not be flashy or glamorous, but it has its own charm — perfect for an album cover! Warm grey combined with a linen texture makes you feel like you're snuggled up in your favourite cozy blanket. You can imagine how spending time with your favourite tunes while wrapped in the comfort of this warm benevolent grey would make anyone swoon. Warm grey gives off a sense of peace and tranquility that compliments any album beautifully!

our favourite Linen cover options




Warm Grey Linen

rugged black linen

When you think of dark, classic elegance for a wedding album cover, rugged black linen is the perfect choice. The dark hue and sturdy texture will keep it looking sharp and timeless through the years - plus it looks great in any household! You'll be sure to impress with an album cover in rugged black linen. You really cannot go wrong with a rugged black wedding album.

Natural raw linen

Warm and inviting, the colour natural raw linen provides a dreamy background for any wedding album cover. With its slightly rough texture, the natural look captures a rustic charm and perfectly frames the most beautiful day of your life in a unique way that soft neutrals can only match but not surpass. With this popular colour, your wedding album will undoubtedly stand out within your home.

Aged, rich brown leather is the perfect choice for a wedding album cover – it has a premium look and feel that evokes moments of joy and celebration. Its deep brown depths have a timeless quality which will remain in your memories forever. The texture is supple and smooth, ideal for gracing the pages of a happy couple’s special day. Its natural beauty adds an extra layer of sophistication to any album cover.

our favourite Leather cover options




aged rich brown leather

rugged black leather

For those looking for a wedding album cover that exudes elegant, premium style, black leather is the way to go. With its rugged yet delicate texture, this classic colour is sure to make your photos look timeless. Not only is black leather durable, but it's also elegant enough to carry on the tradition of essential wedding albums with a modern twist. For any couple looking for the perfect album cover that can last the test of time, look no further than premium black leather.

mottled sandstone leather

Capturing memories should be special and this unique coastal mottled sandstone leather offers a premium look and feel for any wedding album cover. With its signature leather texture, this subtle neutral colour tone is sure to make the perfect accompaniment to all precious wedding photos. So why not add a touch of character and style with a coastal mottled sandstone leather album cover? Your guests will be amazed!