October 6, 2022

How to Choose Your Wedding Photo Coverage Time

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When it comes to deciding your coverage time for your wedding photographer or videographer on your wedding day, there are many aspects of your day to consider. Ultimately choosing a wedding photo & video crew should come down to what you desire. Your memory of your day in 20+ years, will be based around the amount of footage you have from your day. Remember to keep in mind, once you live your day, you can never relive that moment. So truely the best way to revisit your day any time you’d love to put a smile on your face, is through thoughtful photography and filmmaking.

Think about the moments which are happening throughout your day. Would you like to remember getting ready for your big day, surrounded by your closest family? Would you like to relive the moment where your parents get to first see you all dressed up? Their authentic reactions will be captured and frozen in time forever. We believe speeches are an incredibly important moment of the day to be captured on video. The ability to look back in time and listen to the kind words someone spoke about you is crucial. Especially many years down the track as you grow older.

We won’t ever comprise the structure of your day to cram extra photos or videos in. This is because we know this will leave you with a negative and stressful memory of your wedding day. Because of this, we offer 3 primary packages which cater for the coverage of most general wedding days. 

6h Half Day Wedding Packages 

At Ocean Way, we like to call these packages our ‘Pina Colada’ packages! All of our 6h packages are perfect for couples who would love their wedding day to be captured. However, perhaps also don’t want one half of their day captured. This can include not getting coverage for either your prep or not getting coverage for your reception. The choice is yours, we’re flexible to how you’d like your day structured!

We’d recommend booking a 6h package to couples who are comfortable with missing one half of the day because you’d prefer to have some time with the cameras away. This can be perfect for couples who want to enjoy a quiet reception with no cameras floating around. 

While we love capturing prep as we believe it’s an important part of your day. Some couples opt to skip this part of the day and that’s completely okay! You will never be pushed towards a package or timeframe that you don’t want or don’t need. When we sit down to have a pre-wedding meeting with you, we’ll help you determine exactly what you’re after! We won’t recommend something that we know won’t be the best fit for you!

We’ve linked information about our 6h packages here!

8h Full Day Wedding Packages

At Ocean Way, these are currently our favourite packages & we like to call these our Daiquiri packages! Our 8h packages are perfect for couples who would love their whole day captured, without the finer details on the end. In this package you’ll also stick to having a smaller crew size of two people.

8h packages are increasingly becoming our most popular option here at Ocean Way. For most weddings, most major events of the day will happen within an 8h period. This means you’ll get everything captured from bride & groom prep all the way to capturing the start of a dance floor! Couples of ours have been loving these no-nonsense packages, as we are able to get so much of your day captured here.

We highly recommend this package to couples who aren’t sure where to start. It is the perfect middle ground to at least lock in the wedding date with your photo & video crew. You can always decide to change time slots later down the track if you feel the time slot you selected may no longer work for you. Remember, by paying a deposit, you’re locking your photographer or videographer in for your wedding day and they won’t be booking in anyone else! This means you can always come back and make a decision later on whether 8h is right for you!

As well as being your wedding photographer, just remember, we are also here to help you optimise your timeline perfectly! By doing this we can help you get the most out of your day and ensure you’re not wasting time. Your wedding day will go quickly, so making the most of every moment is very key!

We’ve linked information about our 8h packages here!

10h Full Day Deluxe Wedding Packages

At Ocean Way, we love to call these packages our Margarita packages! This one is for the lovers who are the life of the party and dare to have a true, full day experience with us! We’d recommend this package to couples who; love details & know for a fact that their dance floor is going to be the place to be at the end of the night!

10h packages may be slightly longer in length, but they also boast one primary difference that sets them apart from other packages. All of our 10 hour packages come standard with a second photographer & a second videographer for 4h. This brings your on the day crew from 2 persons to 4 persons for a portion of the day. 

We’ll never offer longer than 4 hours for a second shooter, as we don’t believe there is a need for it. In our opinion, it’s a waste of your money and their time! The best time to have your second shooters work is from prep – ceremony. This is because they can easily split across prep locations and cover this part of the day in greater depth. As well as this, second shooters do a perfect job of giving you more angles and perspectives at your ceremony. They are INCREDIBLE for ‘high stakes’ moments such as the bride walking down the aisle.   

We’ve linked information about our 10h packages here!

What is Most Important to You?

Now that you’ve read all about the primary packages that not only us, but most photographers have to offer. It’s time to make a decision on what package size might be a right fit for you. Remember, you don’t have to have somebody at your wedding for the entire day if that isn’t your vibe, it’s completely okay to do you! 

Choosing a package size should always come down to what moments are most important to you. For example, maybe capturing a first reveal to your parents is a super important part of your day, but it’s equally important to you to capture you with all your friends on the dance floor at night time. In this case, we’d highly recommend an 8h package as a starting point, this way you’re making sure that you’re not rushed for time and you know that your day is going to flow well. 

At the end of the day, go with your heart and choose a package based on the moments which are important to you. We’ll do the rest on your day, and capture everything between.

Why We Love Details

At Ocean Way, we believe your details matter. Because of this, we usually spend more time on longer packages, to ensure that we capture this aspect of your day to perfection. We know that on your wedding day, you spent so much time, money & care on handpicking every element that would be included on the day. Because of this, we love to make sure that we capture some incredible details of all the items you put your energy into.

We Wanna Join the Party!

At the end of the day, your dance-floor will be in full swing! All of those happy moments can be captured on camera with your friends (and grandma when she enters the d-floor! Let’s kick your shoes off and have a rockin’ good time, time to celebrate your love! While you’re having the time of your life, we’ll be floating around capturing your energy and emotion. So enjoy your night and soak up the memories of an incredible dance-floor when you get your footage back!

While moments such as an exciting dance-floor are great to capture, we love to capture all that comes before at your reception. This can include some beautiful father-daughter dances or first dances between you and your partner. For this segment of the night, we love the idea of bringing our own constant lighting so you can enjoy a beautiful moment in the spotlight.

Making the Hard Choice

We understand how difficult it can be selecting a coverage time for your wedding day. There are so many aspects to consider! The good news is you’ll never have to do it alone. We love to sit down over zoom, in person or over the phone to chat about your hopes and dreams. This means we can help you select the perfect package, without the stress that you’re going to miss out on what matters most to you. Remember, your wedding day is a once in a lifetime day, so nailing your times & package selection is super important.

If you would like to read more about all of our packages, please enquire to read our full price & info guide today! Contact Us

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