October 20, 2022

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Bryce Hall

Choosing a wedding photographer is no easy task. Especially if you’ve never even hired a photographer for an event of any kind in your life! There’s plenty of things to note when considering who to book for one of the most important days of your life.

It’s no secret that there are plenty of wedding photographers around. With so many different incredible choices, it can be often daunting making a decision. Just know, that as long as you go with what your heart wants and desires, you’ll never be let down.

We’ll go into depth for some of the important things to look out for when making this big choice!

Do a Vibe Check!

Yep, you read this correctly, do a vibe check! This may sound silly, but seriously checking out if your potential photographer and yourself get along is very important! Remember, on your wedding day, you’re going to likely be spending a large amount of your day with your wedding photographer. It is important that you can get along with them and have a good time! A photographer’s social media channels and website should show off all of their character traits and include details about them as a person. You should be able to get a good picture in your head of what it would be like to work with this person on your day before you even work with them.

A great way to do this is to book a pre-booking meeting or zoom in with them! Dive in and see if they take an interest in you and your plans. Someone who is generally interested in you & your day and closely follows what you’re after will never leave you disappointed. It’s important to choose a photographer that you naturally gravitate towards. You’ll know by doing this, you’ll honestly never be disappointed. The chances are, someone that you closely vibe with, would expect a similar level of excellence on their own wedding day.

Are They Excited For You?

Your wedding photographer should be excited from the get-go to be part of your day. You’ll notice that high vibing photographers will respond to you as quickly as possible. They should have as much enthusiasm for your plans that you have! This is a clear key indicator that they really do care about your day, and are willing to do what is possible to help you make it incredible! If your photographer can’t articulate their interest in your day from the get-go, then maybe they aren’t as intrigued in your day as they should be.

Whether it’s bucket-loads of helpful tips or incredible ideas for your day you never even thought of. The right wedding photographer will always make helpful suggestions which can enhance your day and memory of it.

Do They Have Your Best Interests at Heart?

Is your wedding photographer willing to ask the questions and help direct you to the best possible package for YOU? This means, they aren’t trying to sell you on their largest, most expensive package for the sake of it. For example, if you’ve told them that prep just isn’t an important part of your day. Don’t book the photographer who tries to lock you in for a 10 hour package straight away. A photographer that cares about you will listen to you and send you in the right direction. This will mean, they’ll direct you towards the package that will capture the wedding of your dreams!

A photographer that genuinely has your best interests at heart might even mean, that they determine themselves that they know you wouldn’t be the perfect fit for one another. In this case, they’ll ensure they help you in the right direction towards the person that they know might work amazing for you!

The perfect wedding photographer isn’t in it for the money, and isn’t there to “add another job to the list”. They genuinely care about you & your story and capturing the magic of your love.  

Base Your Choices Around Quality of Service, Not Price

When you book all your vendors in for your wedding day, particularly your wedding photographer. It can be really expensive, especially when you want to have an incredible day. The reason why a lot of amazing high-end photographers are on the more expensive scale of things comes down to more than just their art. It comes down to the incredible experience they provide you on and leading up to the day. These absolute legends will work tirelessly to provide you with a straightforward and relaxed experience. 

Years down the track, you will never regret the money that you did spend on an expensive photographer, rather you’ll regret spending money on the cheaper photographer who didn’t fit in with your hopes and dreams for the day. 

This is why, when you lock in your dream wedding photographer, it’s crucial to pay attention to their energy. If you don’t connect with them, don’t book them in! You’d hate to hire a low energy photographer who is not excited to be there on the most important day of your life!

Connection is Everything.

We’ve already run through the importance of linking up with a high energy person. These types of people will bring the right kind of vibe to your day. This means, you can not only count on them to create amazing photos. But you can also count on them if anything goes wrong on the day, to come up with a fast and viable solution to get you back on track! On your wedding day, your connection to your photographer is crucial! When deciding who to hire, you want to make sure that person will encourage a stress free environment. 

This will actually also translate in your final photos too in a number of ways! No matter how good the photographer is, how incredible their editing style is or how amazing their service is. You simply will not love your photos to the same degree, if you just don’t feel like yourself while they’ll be taken. While photographs are a very visual thing, we often connect memories and feelings to them. If your memory of getting your wedding photos taken was feeling awkward & uncomfortable. The chances are, you’re probably going to revisit those same feelings when you look back on your day, this isn’t exactly the type of emotion you want to experience when you revisit your day!

You want to be able to look back and cherish every moment. This can be achieved by choosing the right person, who knew how to work with you and help you in the perfect direction.

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