August 12, 2022

Reasons Why To Have a Sunrise Elopement

Bryce Hall

So maybe a big wedding isn’t your thing? 

Big or small it doesn’t matter, we are obsessed with capturing your love in a way that feels true to yourself. Remember it’s important to create the most authentic memories for yourself, a wedding day is for you!

Most people believe that you HAVE TO have a huge wedding. This is not always the case! The secret you should know is that if you’re planning your special day there are no ‘have tos’. Everything really can be done the way you would like it, I mean it is YOUR day right? 

Imagine How Your Dream Day Looks & Feels

If this is your first thought of having a sunrise-style elopement, allow me to set the scene in your imagination. 

In the picture, you’re by the ocean, and the smooth ocean breeze blows through your hair as you walk to marry the person of your dreams. The sun is slowly rising over the horizon and the birds are chirping, as they are waking up for the day. You get to have a small, intimate ceremony surrounded by your absolute closest because it’s your wedding and you say so. You know that everyone you are surrounded by is so excited for you and that they want to celebrate with you, they want to be there and be part of your next chapter as a married couple.

By choosing to have a sunrise elopement, you get to alleviate those pre-wedding jitters a lot quicker. You also get to see your partner first thing in the morning, which is such a huge win on your wedding day! Let’s remember, getting married is all about celebrating those huge wins as a couple.

Keeping it simple 

Getting married requires a HUGE planning process. By having an elopement, you’re reducing the lot of time and energy that this process requires. Just choose a spot you both love, find your favourite vendors and select a date! It’s as simple as 1,2,3 when deciding to elope. When you’re planning your day, don’t forget being engaged is such an exciting time of your life! Make the most of your time together and enjoy everything within this chapter of your life. 

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