September 23, 2022

Why to Hire a Photo & Video Team

Bryce Hall

Teamwork makes the dream work.

You’re in the process of going through all the vendors for your day. Choosing who you pick for photo & video is one of the biggest ticket items on that list. We’d highly recommend if you’re wanting to hire both a photographer and a videographer, that you get a team that works for you! Just like any good team, whether it is a sporting team or any crew in general.

A good photo & video crew have great chemistry and knows how to work together, not against each other to best serve you on your day! Having a powerful team is important because often a strong team will match each other’s energy. This is huge for the flow of your day, knowing that the photo & video team are going to work together to come up with incredible ideas. The power of creative collaboration is something incredible to behold!

Combined Packages

When you hire a combined photo & video team, you get the luxury of choosing a combined photo & video package. Because you’re hiring a service altogether in one bundle, this also means your team can really narrow down exactly what you need and custom fit something to your ideal day. We’ll take all the details that are important to you and custom make something that works on both the photo & video side. 

With custom packages already a perfect mould for your day, why not have custom payment plans too?? We know that hiring a photo & video team is an expensive yet important part of your day. To make the process of hiring a team as easy as possible, we offer payment plans. We are happy to design a payment plan structure to meet your needs, allowing for a stress free experience leading up to your day! 

Our popular payment plan method is a 25% deposit, followed by 4 easy, equal payments spread out leading up to your day. However, we can find a method that best suits you!

Top Level Organisation

Having a combined team is all about the high level of organisation that comes with it! When hiring different photographers and videographers from different companies, chances are they’ll do organisation different leading up to your day. There will be so many different run sheets and questionnaires and floating around that it can get stressful leading up to your day. By having a combined team, they’ll do it all the organisation for you. This means we’ll make sure that everything matches so that you’re getting the best out of photo & video. We won’t miss out on getting what we need for the day as we’ll be working together as a team. Prior to your wedding date, we’ll do a wedding zoom together so that you can let us know all of your primary details together.

We know how busy you are leading up to your day, so keeping everything concise and to the point is important to us. We don’t want to take up too much of your time so that you can get back to spending quality time with your partner! As well as this, we’ll do as much as we can to help you along the process. This way you’re not worried about having to take on more organisation. We’ll provide tips that work well for both photo & video and help you through the process.

The Power of Teamwork

Did you know, that both our team members know how to shoot photo & video? So what does this mean for you? Our team is consciously helping each other with shots that they know will look better on photo or video. This is achieved by setting up shots for one another that we know will look stunning in a certain format. Think of it as the photographer becoming an assistant to the videographer, to help them get the perfect shot. Team work absolutely makes the dream work, and this is proven with any photo & video package!

It also means, when we setup for the ceremony, our photographer is always helping the videographer get ready for video. Setting up for video is a bit more of a process, that often takes 20-30 minutes prior to ceremony. By having a team that works together for you, they’ll be on each other’s side and working to make the dream work! 

Because we work as a team, we’ll always make sure we both get what we need to create your perfect wedding package. Did you know, there as many photographers who have never worked with a videographer before! This means, they might not be aware of the video clips they need to get during the day. Because of this, they may unknowingly get in the way of the video. This isn’t their fault, as they’ve never experienced working with a videographer before. By having a team that knows how to work around one another, you’re bypassing this obstacle. At the end of the day a photographer & videographer are there for the same reason, so good teamwork is key!!

Complimentary Style of Work

When you hire a combined photo & video team, you’re also getting a style of work that highly compliments each other. You’ll often notice that for companies that are combined, the style compliments each other greatly. This is because we are constantly working to evolve our overall look of the day. This makes receiving your wedding package an experience that flows perfectly throughout everything we provide. We want you to have an experience of feeling back into the moment and loving every minute of it. 

A complimentary style means combined packaging when receiving your finished product too! We love to package everything up in a beautiful USB pack that really shows off your day perfectly! If you’re one for the details you’ll love how we show off our packages and the process we take to get it to where it is! 

As well as physically receiving your package, you can also expect to view both your photos & videos via your online gallery, side by side. This is perfect for when sharing with family or friends as you can send them one link. The process of downloading, is then made even easier within our system. You can download in amazing quality, directly to your phone, so that your photos or videos are ready to share to social media straight away!

Now You’re Ready to Select a Team That Works for You!

Now that you know all the benefits of how a combined team can best serve you. It’s time to get out there and select one that is best suited to you! Remember, an amazing team will match your energy with their own. This means they’ll both be excited to work with you and will provide you with plenty of amazing tips & tricks to get you started in the planning process. Selecting a photo & video duo should never feel forced, you’ll know the right people when they come along!

If you’re considering hiring a photo & video duo, feel free to start with our about page below! Here you can learn more about what we can really bring to your wedding day with the power of good teamwork & organisation! Meet the Team!!

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